They have chosen Lapierre. For competition, to indulge their passion or to help with their training, they use our products.

They are our ambassadors and we are very proud!



US Cagnes

French MTB Club, responsible for developing many champions including Loic Bruni and Loris Vergier of Team Lapierre Gravity Republic





• Vélo Club de Roubaix Lille Métropole

French professional Continental road cycling team ​




• Vélo Club Roubaix

French team evolving in National 1 Division





Jakob Riha

Czech 4X and DH competitor. 3rd in the 4X world championship in 2009, 2013 European champion and multiple champion of Czech Republic



Luc Alphand

Winner of the 1997 ski world cup, rally driver, navigator… 





Jean-Paul Stephan

7 times XC Master World Champion and 10 times XC Master french Champion, sport teacher, he wrote the book VTT Rouler plus vite and organizes numerous MTB stages. Jean-Paul is loyal to Lapierre since 1997 and tests the new models of the brand since 2012.








• Renaud Lavillenie

Olympic champion and world record holder for pole vault







Cyrille Lemoine

11 world champion titles in jet-ski








Robert Marchand

Holder of the hour speed record in track bike for over 100 years old






• Milko Potisek

French vice champion in motocross and sand specialist













• Céline Gros

A former DH and 4X competitor with over 49 World Cup podiums, Céline is now an MTB instructor and guide in the Portes du Soleil.







• Lisa Hütthaler

Austrian triathlete with several podiums on ironman.