Don't fight with the wind, ride like it!

Aerostorm exists for a single purpose: racing against the clock in time trials! To that end, we have combined all our science and knowledge in the field of aerodynamics to bring you speed in its purest form. 

The Aerostorm frame has been developed with the company ACE (Aero Concept Engineering). Specialists in aerodynamic optimisation using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and in wind-tunnel aerodynamic testing, ACE is responsible for large volumes of testing in disciplines like Formula 1 and skiing; it sets the standard in its field!

 After 3 months of testing and calculations, during which each element of the frame was optimised, the 3D model could be finalised and the 1st mock-up produced.  Wind-tunnel testing then enabled validation of the final frame design and verification of the Aerostorm’s exceptional aerodynamic performances (more details available in the Road Technologies – Aerodynamics section).

The end product: a frame with a perfect aerodynamic profile. Aerostorm has come to set the standard for time trials and triathlons. Tried and tested by Team riders over the last few seasons, the Aerostorm is the weapon you need to win the battle against the wind.


Technical features :

  • Dedicated time-trial and triathlon geometry

  • Kamm-tail down tube and seat tube (wing profile with truncated trailing edge

    • Best-possible rigidity/weight/aerodynamics compromise

    • Best-possible crosswind performance (none of the turbulence created by a classic trailing edge)

  • New fork with aerodynamic profile and fully integrated brakes

  • Under-chainstays Shimano aero rear brake (ultra-flat design)

  • Completely integrated stem as an extension of the top tube, 100 % carbon 2-piece (replaces the previous in aluminium), available in 4 lengths

  • Aerodynamic vertical seat post for an aerodynamic rider position (very far forward), whatever the rider’s size

  • 2 versions available for 3 different offsets, depending on discipline:

. short offset (saddle forward): very aerodynamic but physically restrictive positio ► time trial, timed sprint

. long offset (saddle aft): less aerodynamic position, better suited to endurance ► triathlon, ironman

  • Integrated seat clamp

  • Horizontal rear fork end to enable adjustment of the wheel position and minimisation of the gap between seat tube and tire (too large a gap creates an area of turbulence behind the seat tube, which reduces the bike’s aerodynamic performance)

  • 1”1/8 to 1”1/2 conical head tube for greater rigidity without sacrificing aerodynamics

  • Fully internal cable routing through the stem (no visible cabling between handlebar and frame)