e:i Shock Auto


Considered throughout the world as a revolution when it was launched in 2013, our intelligent suspension system, e:i Shock, has evolved. Redesigned and optimised for 2015, it now gives birth to e:i Shock Auto, which could be the most important innovation on our future MTB ranges.



How does it work?

The principle of e:i Shock stays the same: The Shock is driven by electronics, taking into account the terrain and pedaling cadence.

The e:i Shock Auto system is made up of several components :

  •  1 computer placed on the side of the stem, with a control button and an LED light to indicate the mode chosen and the position of the shock.

  • 1 Rock Shox Monarch RT3 Relay shock with motor.

  • 3 captors : 1 accelerometer on the stem, 1 accelerometer on the fork and 1 captor for pedaling cadence on the bottom bracket.

  • 1 cyclindrical battery (25h autonomy)

The two accelerometers measure the movements of the fork (speed and intensity of shocks) and the captor on the bottom bracket measures the pedaling frequency.  All this data is transmitted immediately to the computer which evaluates the terrain and the pedaling cadence. In automatic mode,  the computer puts the shock into the correct position to ensure the suspension is in the ideal position for the rider. 


Maximum reactivity

It takes just one tenth of a second for the information to be sent from the three captors to the computer, and onto the shock (the time taken for the back wheel to arrive at the position of the front wheel when travelling at 36 km/h). Ultra-fast, the rear suspension adapts to the terrain covered by the front wheel in record time.

If a large obstacle is detected by the fork accelerometers, the shock opens instantaneously, before the rear wheel reaches the obstacle.

Result: you can concentrate 100% on riding and your bike performs optimally !


3 positions, 2 modes

The shock has 3 positions: open, medium and locked.

There are two ways to use the system: in manual mode the rider chooses the position of the shock using the button on the computer, in auto mode, the computer does everything! 

The table below demonstrates how the new e:i Shock Auto functions, as well as the different states of the LED depending on the mode selected and the position of the shock.


The level of sensitivity needed to change from one position to another (open, medium, locked) is determined by the sensitivity in auto mode. This sensitivity (1 to 3) can be modified by the user and adapted depending on the usage of the bike (cross-country, trail, all-mountain, enduro).

The system is most sensitive at level 1, and the shock will be open most easily (for an enduro usage). At level 3, a greater level of bumpy terrain will be needed to move the shock to open (sensitivity for cross-country).

e:i Shock Auto adapts to your riding and makes your bike perform optimally, whatever your discipline and your riding style! 


New e: i Shock Auto: what's changed ?

In order to evolve e:i Shock, the Lapierre engineers had two objectives: simplicity and reliability. In order to achieve them, they took into account all the experience acquired with the first version of e:i Shock. This new version takes it down to the essentials in order to simplify the system for the user.  The result is a discrete system that blends in with the bike.

  • The principal evolutions concern the simplification of the interface. The objective? To pare down the system to the essentials, clean up the cockpit (enable the addition of GPS and other devices) and improve the look.

    • Removal of the control screen

    • Removal of the handlebar command

    • Computer on the side of the stem (in line with the silhouette of the bike) with one control button and one LED to indicate mode

    • Removal of the magnet on the front wheel

  • The battery has also been redesigned. It is more compact and enables the usage of a bottle cage.

  • Our engineers have also modified the connectors to simplify assembly and maintenance.


The new e:i Shock Auto comes as standard on the Spicy Team and is an optional extra on most Spicy, Zesty AM, Zesty TR and XR models.

The other advantage of e:i Shock Auto: with the shock sag at 30% in open, the e:i Shock Auto puts your shock into 25% sag in medium and 22% in locked. Therefore your bike is more comfortable in descent and ultra-performant in climbing.

With a Lapierre MTB equipped with e:i Shock Auto, your suspension is managed automatically. Your bike will always be in the optimal setting. The benefits of simplicity !