FPS2, Intelligent suspension


The patented FPS (Full Power Suspension) platform was presented for the first time in 2001 on the very first X-Control. Since then, this virtual pivot point suspension design has proven its worth and lived through several evolutions, but it is still based on the same principles: the existence of an equilibrium point when the rider is on the bike, and a counteraction produced by pedaling proportional to any force that would otherwise produce pedal bob. The FPS2 suspension platform eliminates pedal kickback even when the rider is climbing out of the saddle. With each pedal stroke, the tension in the chain brings the rear swing arm back to its sag position (equilibrium point), improving stability and eliminating pedal bob. The rear wheel benefits from perfect adherence, for excellent grip and efficiency.


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With FPS2, when the system is correctly adjusted at its equilibrium point (sag position - when the indicator falls within the range of settings with the rider on the bike), the virtual pivot point is aligned with the chain. Because the act of pedaling brings the swing arm back to its sag position, FPS2 is constantly correcting
itself, for better control and response.


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The characteristic that is unique to the FPS2 system is the fact that there is a specific equilibrium point when the rider is on the bike. When the point of equilibrium is found, the virtual pivot point is aligned with the chain. The tension in the chain prevents any bob, and, therefore, the act of pedaling actually fights against pedal bob: if any bobbing action were to try to move the swing arm away from its equilibrium point, the effort of pedaling will automatically bring it back to this position. The FPS2 system is constantly correcting itself. The FPS2 system also allows for both positive and negative rear travel. In other words, when the rider is on the bike, the rear wheel can move up (for example, when there is an obstacle) and down (for example, when there is a hole). The result is  exceptional comfort and adherence. For perfect alignment and optimal performance, we’ve created an indicator to set the equilibrium point, which is directly linked to the rider’s weight.

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