The OST+ (Optimized Suspension Technology) suspension system was designed for alpine riding. As with our FPS2 suspension technology, OST+ is based on a patented virtual pivot point design that eliminates pedal bob. The models that use OST+ are extremely efficient, with excellent pedaling capabilities and lightweight frames thanks to the simple architecture of the suspension design. OST+ can be found on our Zesty (140mm) and Spicy (160mm) models. Although designed for different styles of riding, all of these bikes are right at home on any kind of mountain terrain. With OST+, you’ll enjoy the entire ride, even if you’re a beginner.

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As with FPS2, any force created by pedal bob is counteracted by pedaling: the tension created in the chain by a pedal stroke will bring the rear swing arm back to its equilibrium point, although the suspension remains active for shocks coming from the ground. If the rear shock is properly adjusted to the weight of the rider, the efficiency and performance are optimal.

OST+® simplifies the frame structure, creating a lightweight frame with 140-160mm of travel. Result: extremely versatile mountain bikes that are efficient and lightweight. OST+® will take you up, down and everywhere in between.

A simplified frame structure for lightweight, longer-travel bikes . A new geome try for unparalleled performance:
- Optimized seat angle
- Lower bottom bracket for more stability
- Shorter chainstays


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OST+® has an optimized leverage ratio curve and hydraulic damping settings:

+ More grip in the climbs and when braking
+ More stability while pedaling
+ More linear compression curve
+ Larger sag range
+ Better performance in berms and compressions
+ No pedal kickback

Attaching the front derailleur on the swing arm with the pivot point above the bottom bracket provides better efficiency when changing speeds. 

New linkage angles: With an angle of nearly 90°, the links provide increased stiffness for better response.

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A suspension system is considered to have a virtual pivot point when the rear swing arm is connected to the frame by more than one pivoting point; in general, there are two links. The virtual pivot point is located at the intersection formed by the axes of these two links, and when the swing arm moves, so does the virtual pivoting point. It is important to understand that a suspension system with a virtual pivoting point does not necessarily prevent pedal bob as well. To achieve an anti-pumping effect, everything depends on the configuration of the pivoting links and the trajectory of the virtual pivot point.


Discover OST+® on the 

Zesty® (140mm) and Spicy® (160mm).