Overvolt MTB


Our Overvolts are excellent power-assisted MTBs, but above all they are excellent MTBs! To develop these non-standard bikes, Lapierre engineers started with a blank slate. With reinforced frames and carefully chosen components, these MTBs are not just other models with an engine strapped to them. Reliable, robust and accessible at the same time, they have been entirely designed with the intention of being power-assisted MTBs right from the start.


Overvolt: an MTB above all else

After a year in development, the Overvolt FS finally arrived, ready to take on any challenge! Its 140 mm of travel provide comfort: suspension that’s both sensitive over little bumps and, at the same time, progressive over major impacts. Its 27.5” wheels provide versatility, handling and rideability (head to the Wheel Size Technologies page for more info). Finally, our FS and HT models are made exclusively from Supreme 6 aluminium, our magic alloy (see the Supreme 6 Technology section for further information).

We’ve achieved a power-assisted bike with the characteristic features of an MTB, capable of going anywhere, from trails to technical terrain. A hydraulic shock and fork adapted to the bike’s weight, 12 and 15 mm wheel axles, suspension axes inspired by OST+ technology, internal cable routing, conical head tube... it’s all there!

Developed by Nicolas Vouilloz, Overvolt geometry will enable you to make the most of the bike. It is still available in 3 sizes, and the S size has its bottom bracket shell lowered by 5 mm to correspond better to the female physique.


Why this rear triangle ?

When designing power-assisted bikes, the problems are not the same as for a classic MTB. As well as shock absorption, loss of space is a key issue. The space occupied by the motor, where a standard bottom bracket shell would be, obliged us to find innovative technical solutions.

The first constraint involves the main pivot point: the amount of space taken up by the motor  means it has to be positioned very high up. The second issue stems from the chain position: it is particularly low in relation to that of a traditional bike because of the small size of the motor output sprocket. This has led to an exclusively designed swing arm, enabling the chain to be completely released, to prevent all contact between it and the chainstays.

As for the system of links specially developed for the Overvolt, they are responsible for managing shock absorption. The unique design of these single-pivot kinematics gives the most compact rear triangle possible, giving the bike better handling and making it more playful.


Bosch assistance: proven effectiveness

The German firm has now managed to establish itself as setting the standard for power assistance in the MTB world. Its versatility and flexibility of use provide top-notch performance – ideal for our Overvolts.

The Bosch motor provides dynamic and direct assistance for the whole range of gears, adjusting automatically, depending on the speed of the bike, and on the rate and force of the pedalling. It is also possible to choose the assistance mode, depending on the terrain conditions encountered. there are 4 power levels available: Eco, Touring, Sport and Turbo.

The Bosch Performance system, fitted on the Overvolt FS 900 and HT 900, is the sportiest in the Bosch range. Delivering 250 W of power, it has several advantages over the Activ version (fitted on the Overvolt FS 500 and HT 500): more compact, 4% lighter, more torque, and an assistance curve that is more dynamic and constant as it approaches its 25 km/h limit. What’s more, the compact motor design enables perfect incorporation into the frame and increases clearance height.

Extremely light, the Bosch PowerPack drives the entire system in the most optimal manner, thanks to a dedicated management system. With its 400 Wh energy reserve, it has an extended range of 50 to 160 km (depending on the assistance mode selected and the terrain). This ultra-high performance lithium-ion battery suffers from neither memory effect nor self-discharge. This means it can be partially recharged as soon as you want, without affecting its service life. Easy to install and remove, thanks to its ergonomic handle, the Bosch PowerPack battery is securely attached to the down tube. It can also be recharged directly on the bike. Its position doesn’t change the bike’s centre of gravity and therefore doesn’t negatively affect its balance and handling.

With this bike 100% assembled in France, we guarantee the best possible power-assisted MTB. Quality manufacture, top-notch components, exceptional finish: your Overvolt will give you a boost like never before!



2015 Overvolt frame features:

  • Overvolt FS: 140 mm, front and rear, for best shock absorption

  • Geometry and kinematics developed by Nicolas Vouilloz

  • 100 % Supreme 6 alloy frame

  • 27.5” wheels

  • Modified hydraulic shock and fork, adapted to the bike’s weight (140 mm fork on the Overvolt FS and 120 mm on the Overvolt HT)

  • 12 mm and 15 mm wheel axles

  • Suspension axes inspired by OST+

  • Genuine MTB components: Shimano drivetrain and brakes, Mavic wheels, 2.35” Michelin Wild Grip’R2 tires, wide handlebar, etc.

  • Internal cable routing

  • Conical head tube

  • Possibility of attaching a luggage rack to the Overvolt HT



Bosch Performance motor features:

  • Rated power: 250 W

  • Top speed: 25 km/h

  • Maximum torque: 60 N.m

  • Constant assistance up to 25 km/h

  • Sporty acceleration curve

  • 4 assistance modes: Eco, Touring, Sport and Turbo

  • Automatic speed-change sensor

  • Compact

  • Mass: 3.9 kg



Bosh PowerPack battery features:

  • Energy reserve: 400 Wh

  • Range of 50 to 160 km (depending on the assistance and the usage conditions)

  • Composition: lithium-ion

  • Full recharge time: 4 h 30 mins

  • Rechargeable while fitted on the bike

  • Secured to the down tube

  • Easy to fit and remove, thanks to its ergonomic handle