Overvolt. So watt?


The new Lapierre Overvolt range is an explosive mixture of energy and vitality, keen to conquer new horizons. Very powerful, the motor combines liveliness with a steady power output. With perfect precision it adjusts the performance to the effort of the cyclist, to deliver assistance adapted to all types of terrain and to all speeds, from flat to steep, and from gentle to turbo.

What is the Lapierre Overvolt?

• First and foremost a real MTB, that’s fun to ride.
• High-tech electronic assistance system.
• Powerful and precise product.
• A bike developed with the end-user in mind.
• A bike that makes MTB accessible to everyone.
• Geometry for comfort and stability .
• 27.5” wheels for superb grip and ease over obstacles.

2 versions:

- Full-suspension: 140mm of travel front and rear.
- Hardtail: 120mm of travel.

The very best of MTB technology with the latest electronic assistance technology.


The Lapierre Overvolt uses the new Bosch motor with the 400 watt battery (Bosch Performance), offering 30% more autonomy than the 300 watt, as well as a good clearance over obstacles. The computer shows speed, battery level and distance traveled etc, and the handlebar command enables an easy change between the 5 different modes, while the USB port lets users recharge other devices!

The motor provides power at differing levels depending on the gear chosen and the forces applied by the rider, it stops the assistance once the maximum speed allowed is reached. The new drivetrain assembly perfectly integrates the motor unit and improves ground clearance. The motor is equipped with an electronic command with 3 sensors measuring force, pedal cadence and speed. Together, they guarantee the perfect coordination of the system. 

NEW : the sensors measure 1000 times per second, more powerful electronics, modern 32 bit processor.

Extremely light, the batteries are without doubt the most efficient for energy output. The management system of the battery provides the best protection against overload, sub-voltage, and short circuits. It also extends the lifetime of the already longlife PowerPack batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are not affected by recharging when partially used, and do not suffer from spontaneous discharges. For this reason, they can be partially recharged whenever desired, without a negative effect on their lifetime.

NEW : ergonomic handle to make the battery easy to install and to remove. The support holds the battery solidly in place and can be recharged whilst mounted on the bike.