Overvolt Urban


Three models make up the new Urban branch of the Overvolt range:

► Overvolt Urban – Bosch Activ system

► Overvolt Urban – Shimano STEPS system

► Overvolt Trekking – Bosch Activ system


Their open frame, inspired by our City frames, is made from 100 % double-butted aluminium 6061 alloy, guaranteeing excellent service life. The Overvolt Urban is available with two motor types: Bosch Activ or Shimano Steps. The Overvolt Trekking is fitted with a Bosch Activ motor. Its frame is also more rigid than similar bikes, for use on more varied terrain.

These models also possess two distinct geometries, associated with two different wheel diameters. The Overvolt Urban geometry features a high rider position and 26” wheels for better handling; that combination is particularly suited to urban travel. As for the Overvolt Trekking, it has a sportier geometry, coupled with 28” wheels, which make it more versatile, for use on trails or asphalt.

With their specific components, the Overvolt Urban and Trekking are ready to tackle the pressures of the urban environment and respond to the needs of day-to-day travel: suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable power, suspension seat post, royal gel saddle, and numerous useful attachments (luggage rack, mudguards, etc.). Comfort and safety are its watchwords.

As regards the two assistance systems, Bosch’s high-performance and well-proven system is fitted on two of our models: the Overvolt Urban Bosch and the Overvolt Trekking (head to the MTB Overvolt Technologies section for all the features of the Bosch system).

Our major innovation this year is the inclusion of the Shimano STEPS power-assistance system (Shimano Total Electric Power System). The Japanese firm offers a state-of-the-art drivetrain, whose performance and appearance are simply breathtaking. This system, in which the power automatically adapts, depending on the rate and force of the pedalling, has 3 operating modes (Eco, Normal and High), to offer assistance that is both effective and discrete. Shimano STEPS is therefore fitted on one of our Overvolt Urban models.


2015 Overvolt Urban y Overvolt Trekking features:

  • Step through frame (very easy to straddle) in double-butted aluminium 6061

  • Urban geometry with 26” wheels and Trekking geometry with 28” wheels

  • Perfectly adapted components:

    • Suspension fork (30 mm of travel on Overvolt Urban and 65 mm on Overvolt Trekking)

    • Shimano drivetrain (Deore LX with Bosch motor/Alfine with Shimano motor)

    • Hydraulic disc brakes

    • Adjustable stem to set the rider position

    • Suspension seat post

    • Royal gel saddle

    • Luggage rack, mudguard, lights, lock, stand



2015 Shimano STEPS motor features:

  • Rated power: 250 W

  • Top speed: 25 km/h

  • Torque: 50 N.m

  • 3 assistance modes (Eco, Normal, High)

  • 38-tooth chainring

  • Light (3.1 kg), compact and quiet motor


2015 Shimano STEPS battery features:

  • Energy reserve: 400 Wh

  • Range of 80 to 120 km (depending on the assistance and the usage conditions)

  • Composition: lithium-ion

  • Full recharge time: 4 h

  • Service life: 1,000 charge/discharge cycles

  • Secured to luggage rack