Supreme 6

The best alloy for the best bikes


In 2011 we developed Supreme 6 and used it for the first time. Available then only on our DH model, and chosen for its resistance capabilities, its qualities are such that we now use it on lots of other models in our range. This aluminium alloy combines the lightness and performance of scandium with exceptional reliability and resistance.

  • Excellent resistance/deformation ratio and highly resistant to corrosion

  • A more resistant fine-grain structure

  • One of the lightest and most rigid alloys on the market

Frames made with Supreme 6 alloy have exceptional longevity without losing any of their dynamic qualities.


Compared with the more widely used aluminium 7005, Supreme 6 offers superb performance: 

  • 12% more resistant

  • 1.5% lighter

  • Longer life, thanks to a more homogeneous microstructure.

In 2015, Supreme 6 is available on the DH, Spicy, Zesty AM, Zesty TR and X-Control models, as well as on the rear triangles of carbon frames. 


Exclusive to Lapierre!