Supreme 6 - The best alloy




For several years Lapierre has been producing high end bikes in this exceptional alloy. Now, Supreme 6 is available on many 2014 Lapierre MTBs, even on some entry level models. A Lapierre exclusive! This new aluminium alloy associates the lightness and performance of Scandium, with an exceptional reliability and durability.


  • An excellent resistance to deformation, and twice as resistant to corrosion,

  • A more resistant structure with tiny grains.

  • One of the lightest and stiffest alloys on the market


Frames built in Supreme 6 aluminium have exceptional longevity, whilst conserving their dynamic qualities, even with intensive use.


Supreme 6 cadre


In 2014, Supreme 6 is on our DH models, and on certain Spicy, Zesty All Mountain, Zesty Trail, ProRace and X-Control